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Track and analyze

Coachbox allows you to keep track of all your activities, centralise your metrics, and measure your progress.

Communicate with your coach

Use Coachbox to share your activities and optimise collaboration with your personal coach.

Coach yourself

If you understand the basics of training, you can track, coach and schedule your activities like a pro.

Why athletes choose Coachbox


For Athletes

All in one place

Forget the chaos of different tools and channels and centralize al your workouts, metrics, … all in one place. Coachbox is compatible with the most common fitness and activity trackers and has an automatic synchronization with Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Suunto, TomTom, ...

For Athletes

Track your progress

Our easy to understand range of analytics, allows you to track and understand the most important workout data. See how your power, heart rate, FTP, speed or pace, ... evolved for each activity or how these improved over the past weeks, months or years.

For Athletes

Choose your own language

Coachbox is currently available in English, Dutch, French (and more languages will follow). You can also choose how you want to see and edit numbers or dates in the application, in alignment with your personal preferences.

For Athletes

Communicate with your coach

Stop sending emails back and forth with data files and training schedules. Use Coachbox to share your activities and optimise communication and collaboration with your personal coach.

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