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Coachbox helps you save time
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To coach yourself

If you understand the principles of training, you can use our all-in-one coaching platform to track and coach yourself.

To coach athletes

Optimize your coaching business and your athlete's performance. Plan, analyze and communicate with your athletes and their supporting teams in a modern way.

To coach groups

If you want to coach a group of athletes, maybe training for the same events or doing the same workouts, you can easily do so and save yourself lots of time!

Key features
Unique set of tools to help you coach more effectively.

Why coaches choose Coachbox


For Coaches

Easy to use

We spent a lot of time making Coachbox understandable and easy-to-use for everyone, from professional coaches to novice athletes or staff members.

For Coaches

Save time

Coachbox has lots of unique features to skip repetitive, time consuming tasks, so you can focus on the important stuff.

For Coaches

Choose your own language

Coachbox is currently available in English, Dutch, French and can easily be expanded upon request. You can also choose how you want to see and edit numbers or dates in the application, ready for your international expansion.

Coachbox is built by real life coaches and athletes. That’s why our customers love Coachbox almost as much as we love them …

"Coachbox helps me to manage all the coaches and athletes in our training centre and supports me to help our clients grow towards their goals, ranging from world titles to more personal challenges."

Tim De Vilder
Founder and Performance Coach at PeakLevel

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