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Coachbox helps you save time and reach your goals more effectively.

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Beautiful software to help coaches and athletes achieve their goals

Packed with powerful features and easy to use, Coachbox is an all-in-one coaching platform that adapts
to your needs, helps you save time and reach your goals more effectively.



6 reasons why you’ll love using Coachbox


• A great toolbox for better coaching

Our all-in-one coaching platform has all the tools you need to coach your athletes (or yourself), and reach your goals more effectively. Check out our flexible workout builder, smart calendar, understandable analytics, milestones, events & races, annual planning, and much more features.

• In your own language

Coachbox is currently available in English, Dutch, French and can easily be expanded upon request. You can also choose how you want to see and edit numbers or dates in the application, just as you like it.

• It’s all-in-one

Forget the chaos of different tools and channels. Coachbox centralizes all your workouts, stats, notifications, messages & documents, all in one place!

• Fully integrated with leading apps

To make things easy, we’ve connected all the main fitness and activity trackers and offer an automatic synchronization with Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Suunto, TomTom, Fitbit, ...

• For endurance sports + strength & core workouts

Looking for a way to integrate your strength & core workouts with your aerobic workouts, in one place? The multi-sport calendar within Coachbox makes this finally possible!

• Coachbox will save you time

Coachbox has lots of unique features to skip repetitive, time consuming tasks, so you can focus on the important stuff.


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Proven results

Coachbox is built by real life coaches and athletes. Hear from our passionate community of coaches

and athletes who use Coachbox day in, day out.

"Coachbox helps me coach my athletes more efficiently, saving up time for my own workouts."

Frederik Van Lierde
IRONMAN World Champion

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