Strength & Core workouts

In addition to a large variety endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, running, ... you can now add specific strength & core workouts.

How do I add a strength & core workout?

When you create a new, planned workout, you can now click on "Strength & Core" type in addition to the other endurance sports.

Strength & Core workouts

A strength & core workout can be built on various exercises. Through the "Add step" button you can easily add extra exercises to the program.

Strength & Core workouts

Each exercise consists of a number of specific fields:

  • Title: you can fill out the name of the excercise, eg. Barbell split squat
  • Sets: the number of sets the excercise has to be done
  • Set rest: the amount of time an athlete can rest between the sets
  • Reps: the number of repetitions has to be done
  • Rep rest: the amount of time an athlete can rest between each repetition
  • Weight: if applicable, the weight has to use to perform the excercise
  • Duration: the total time the excercise should take
  • Video link: here you can add a link to an image or video (such as Youtube, Vimeo, ...) 
  • Description: you can additionally add extra info on the specific excercise

Tip: In the "Video link" field you can also use a link to an online image and use services such as (or any other image hosting you choose), to upload your own photos and use the links afterwards.

What's the best way to execute strength & core workouts?

We developped a new "Start workout" button for "strength & core" workouts. After tapping this button, you can see a preview (video or image) with all necessary information for each excercise in the Strength & Core program. 

If they don't use a watch which records the workout, they can start the workout by clicking the green "Start workout" button. A timer start running and keeps the duration of the workout. After an athlete finished the workout, he/she can click the orange "Stop workout" button and save the workout. The planned workout will automatically be completed!

  • Strength & Core workouts
  • Strength & Core workouts

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